Live, Laugh, OnlyFans

This week we’re speaking with Dr Freya Gowrley, an Art Historian and current postdoctoral fellow in History at the University of Derby. Freya’s work is particularly interested in the relationship between identity and visual and material culture in C18th and C19th Britain and focuses on three key sites: collage, the body and domestic space.

In this episode we ask penetrating questions about art history including, ‘What is collage?’ and ‘exactly how important is macaroni art?’. We also discuss the potential REF impact of OnlyFans accounts and how the aesthetic abomination of ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ decals actually started in C18th homes. We also discuss the visual and material cultures of fatness, and find out how to use Cosmo as a critical framework.

You can follow Freya on Twitter @Freya_Gowrley, find out about the New Directions in C18th and C19th seminar series at @NDENCAseminar, and finally you can catch episodes of her newly launched podcast @TSAHpodcast.

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